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HCFC phaseout

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"On every HCFC phaseout project we work on, our goals are to save the customer money and minimise business disruption. We consistently deliver."

Taking the first step

Around the world, a wide variety of industries are reducing their use of HCFCs by replacing, or modifying their chilling equipment. We can take away the stress of making this change. 

We’ll help you put together a rock-solid plan to phaseout any equipment still reliant on HCFCs. We’ll then back you up with compliant chillers to keep you going until you’re ready to invest in new equipment.

By putting a plan in place, we can help you reduce risk, save money and avoid downtime.

Get ready with our free site surveys

Our engineers can visit your site to assess your HCFC-reliant systems. If you’re unsure about how to modify or replace older equipment, this is a great first step. It reveals any risks to your business and helps us to make a clear plan.

We start by identifying the equipment that needs urgent attention. We then design temporary chilling systems that will keep your most important operations running during the phaseout.


Your phaseout plan: Replace, convert or remain?

When it comes to making the compliant choice, you have three options:

  • Replace equipment: If your chillers fail while you’re waiting for replacement equipment, we can quickly install ours.
  • Convert equipment: Chillers modified to work with HCFC refrigerants may be less efficient. Renting our equipment can be a practical choice until you’re ready to invest in new kit.
  • Remain: If you already have environmentally friendly chillers, you’re in a good position. But if something breaks, or if you need backup during turnarounds, we’re only a phone call away.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll back you up with hands-on support.

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